What Our Clients are Saying…

"We needed a flexible partner to work with us on structural engineering. Ron and his team have shown a profound understanding of the very specific needs for structural analysis of our solar mounting systems.”

Wolfgang Fritz, Vice President of Engineering & Product Development
Schletter Inc., Solar Mounting Systems

"Creative thinking and good use of technology eliminated tons of concrete and steel, making the project economically viable. We like their creativity and openness to new ideas. They look beyond traditional cut­-and­-dried structural solutions.”

Thomas Faulkenberry, Faulkenberry Architects
McKinley Tower Seismic Retrofit

"They love to seek innovative solutions. They used a combination of modern engineering and old­school carpentry framing to achieve the energy ­efficient goal while retaining a really nice hand­built look.”

Brian Meissner, ECI/Hyer Architects
Alaska Railroad Freight Shed

"Essentially they worked with us to redesign the structure and bring the cost down by a couple of million bucks. Their engineers are good. I use them almost exclusively now.”

Gerry Kessler, GKI Architects
Phoenix Holiday Inn

"Our Applied Research & Development building showcases innovations in high­ performance construction technology.”

John Haeger, President
Northern Arizona University

"They’re always willing to work with the architecture. They come up with great solutions.”

Craig Carter, WSM Architects
Northwest Fire District Station 33

"Over the course of the project, the team at SSE were steadfast in their pursuit of excellence through their structural design. From the challenging environmental conditions, to the strict design constraints, each challenge was met with enthusiasm and ability. Our team was very pleased to work with theirs, and we consider their work on SLAM to be exemplary.”

Stephanie Kruse, EIT, Project Engineer
DOTPF, Statewide Public Facilities
State Library Archives Museum (SLAM)

“One key part of this project was creating an appropriate structural expression. We had a fantastic experience working with Schneider Structural Engineers to develop a system that was both efficient and aesthetically exciting. It was a rare case where we were using exposed wood on a project in the desert. Our success came from an extremely collaborative effort. Schneider’s expertise, creativity and flexibility were great assets to the team.”

Frank Slingerland, AIA LEED AP, Principal
BWS Architects
Catalina Foothills Valley View Early Learning Center