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“We like their creativity and openness to new ideas.”
– Thomas Faulkenberry, Faulkenberry Architects

Structural Engineering Design Innovations

The engineers at Schneider Structural Engineers thrive on challenging building projects. They specialize in creative design solutions that meet client needs. The experts at Schneider Structural Engineers combine the latest technologies including BIM and LEED® with out-of-the-box thinking to solve architectural and environmental design challenges for projects nationwide. Seasoned structural engineers are involved in every project from conception to completion, often collaborating with specialists in their other offices.

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  • Schneider Structural Engineers provides the Solar Industry with safe, cost-effective racking systems that withstand wind, sun, snow and seismic forces. Since 2002 our engineers have designed the racking that supports more than 400 photovoltaic power system projects in 27 states, including ground-mounted, roof-mounted, ballasted and tracking systems. Our designs utilize custom aluminum extrusions, which are lightweight and corrosion resistant. On large-scale projects, we saved our clients millions of dollars. < view project profile >
  • The F-22 Squadron Operations Facility and Aircraft Hangar is a $38.9 million project at Elmendorf Air Force Base in Alaska. The column-free 37,000-square-foot hangar for six aircraft is the first structure on the base to use buckling-restrained braced-frame seismic resisting (BRBF) technology. This provides a greater level of reliability in a large seismic event and is more economical than conventional steel bracing systems. < view project profile >
  • Ultra-green engineering for the Northern Arizona University research facility in Flagstaff earned a LEED® Platinum certification. At an elevation of 7,000 feet, this is the world’s greenest high-altitude building. < view project profile >
  • One challenge of the Pima Emergency Communications and Operations Center was to bring the cast-in-place concrete building up to code for “essential facilities” like hospitals and emergency response centers. Another was to engineer the addition to be blast resistant. The engineering solution strengthens the existing structure with a roof diaphragm of lightweight concrete, reinforced masonry shearwalls and retrofitted pre-cast concrete tees. This design preserves the structure’s modern architectural integrity. < view project profile >
  • Seismic retrofit for the McKinley Tower in Anchorage, a 14-story structure damaged by the largest earthquake recorded in North America, utilized ultra-thin polymers that can attain twice the strength of steel to reinforce the existing structure. < view project profile >
  • Fire Central in downtown Tucson features a 45-foot tower housing a fire bell cast in the 1800s. The site’s soft sandy soil called for slipform on the caisons and piers to stabilize the foundation before constructing the 132-space underground parking garage and 70,000- square-foot fire station and battalion headquarters. This project incorporates state-of-the-art technology and display niches for a fire museum complete with antique fire engine. < view project profile >
  • Redesigned after construction costs soared, the Holiday Inn Phoenix featured an unconventional combination of concrete first floor and wood-framed upper floors. This enabled the client to construct the project within budget. < view project profile >